Wife Rights after Divorce in Pakistan

Rights of Wife After Divorce in Pakistan

The Right of Wife after Divorce are different under the Islamic law, Family Law and also under the constitution of Pakistan. But here we are discuss the Basic right of Wife after Khula. The Basic Rights for Wife / Women After Divorce in Pakistan are given below:

  • Haq Mehar
  • Maintenance
  • Child Custody
  • Dower Property
  • Inheritance Rights
  • Child Maintenance
  • Right to Remarry
  • Property Rights

Wife Right After Divorce in Pakistan:

Haq Mehar: Haq Mehar is a Mandatory Payment and specified in the marriage Contract (NikahNama) that the husband must pay to the wife at the time of Nikah and Marriage. In case of divorce, the wife is entitled to receive the agreed upon or judicially determined amount of mehr from the husband.

Maintenance: After the Khula in Pakistan the husband are obligated to provide the maintenance (Financial Support) to his Ex-Wife during the Iddat Period.

Child Custody: If the Husband and Wife has a children then the mother is usually get the child custody at the tender age of children.

Dower Property: The Wife Can Also entitled to her share of dower property which included as a Property and Assets given to her husband at the time of marriage contract.

Inheritance Rights: Under Pakistani laws, divorced wives have inheritance rights in the estate of their deceased ex-husband, particularly if they have children together.

Child Maintenance: If the Wife has a Children, then they must need to get the Child Maintenance after Complete the case of Divorce.

Right to Remarry: After Complete the Iddat Period, The Wife has right to do the second marriage

Property Rights: Depending on the circumstances and applicable laws, a divorced wife may have rights to marital property, including any jointly owned assets or properties acquired during the marriage.

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The Right of Wife after Divorce are different under the Islamic law, Family Law and