Defamation Law Act 2024



The Punjab government passed the Punjab Defamation Act 2024 on May 20, 2024. You can download the Punjab Defamation Act 2024 pdf from the link below and read the salient features in this blog.

Download PDF: Punjab Defamation Act 2024

The salient features of the Punjab Defamation Act 2024 are as follows:.

  • This law extends to the whole of Punjab province only.
  • No one can defame anyone through any social media, radio, TV, website, or print media.
  • The government will constitute special tribunals under this law.
  • The aggrieved party can file the case in these tribunals through a law firm in Pakistan.
  • The claimant doesn’t need to prove any actual damage or loss.
  • There will be summary proceedings in this tribunal, and the tribunal will have to decide the case within six months.
  • The government will appoint the members of this tribunal in consultation with the Chief Justice of the of the High Court.
  • The members should be from the legal fraternity only.
  • The claimant can file the case with an affidavit on oath along with two witnesses.
  • No one allowed to comment on this matter regarding which the case is pending in the tribunal.
  • If the defendant wants to contest the case, the defendant will have to give leave to defend in this tribunal through a lawyer in Pakistan.
  • The tribunal can grant general, special, and exemplary damages to the claimant against the defendant.
  • All government institutions will be available to support and aid this tribunal.
  • The claimant doesn’t need to prove or establish his reputation in court.
  • If someone makes a false claim in this tribunal the court can also order punitive damages against the claimant.
  • Under the Punjab Defamation 2024 Act, the claim should be made by the claimant within 2 (Two) months after the defamation came to the knowledge of the claimant.
  • The Punjab Defamation Bill 2024 says that if you are not Agree with the decision of the tribunal, you can file an appeal in the high court within one month through an advocate in Lahore.
  • The government can also make rules regarding this law.
  • According to this law the previous law of the defamation 2002 ordinance is also repealed.
  • Some of its sections are also challenged in the Lahore High Court, and the court has also given a stay order on the implementation of this law.


The Punjab Defamation Bill 2024 May also gives some of the defenses as per to which the defendant can claim such defenses if the case is filed against him.

  • Journalists broadcasting true news.
  • It was a fair discussion in the public interest.
  • The expression of opinion was fair.
  • The statement was based on the truth.
  • Assent was given by the claimant for its publication.
  • It was privileged communication between the client and an Attorney At Lahore
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