Affidavit in Pakistan

AFFIDAVIT in Pakistan


If you are wondering that what is an affidavit in Pakistan let us guide you that affidavit in Pakistan is a statement by a person given on oath. It is a sworn statement of a person that whatever is mentioned in the statement is true are correct. A person may give a statement on oath or without oath. When someone gives a statement on oath and such statement us attested by an oath commissioner it is called an affidavit. An oath commissioner is a person who is licensed by the court to take oath from the people who wish to give the statement on oath. An affidavit in Pakistan is printed on a stamp paper. You read this blog completely to know how to make affidavit in Pakistan or how to write affidavit in Pakistan. Our law firm in Pakistan has also upload a sample of affidavit in Pakistan on this blog.

When an affidavit is issued on a stamp paper authenticity is attached with it. To get you stamp paper issued you need to go to a stamp vendor. Make a payment and purchase the stamp paper. When the licensed stamp paper issue you a stamp paper he checks your ID card and make an entry of it on a book. The stamp vendor also takes your sign and thumb on the book as record that this stamp paper was purchased by you. There is no validity of affidavit in Pakistan. For expert opinion you may contact our attorney in Pakistan.

SAMPLE OF AFFIDAVIT IN PAKISTAN: Download Affidavit in Pakistan From Here

Below is the link on the sample of affidavit in Pakistan. You may download the specimen and fill it as per your requirements.


If you are still wondering how to make affidavit in Pakistan or how to write an affidavit in Pakistan you may contact us. You can also go to any lawyer with your original ID card and the lawyer will first get your stamp paper issued and the write the contents of the affidavit. Once the draft of the affidavit is complete then the lawyer will get the affidavit attested from the oath commissioner. There is no validity of affidavit in Pakistan. Once the affidavit is written and submitted it is forever. If you can prepare the affidavit then it is fine. If you need professional services to write an affidavit you can contact our lawyer in Lahore.


 If you are wondering how to write an affidavit in Pakistan, let us guide you that you can download the sample and fill and submit wherever you want to. However if you need the services of a professional to write specially when you are submitting it in any embassy then it is better to hire the services of a lawyer. A professional lawyer knows how to write an affidavit in Pakistan. You may contact our expert advocate in Pakistan.


The affidavit does not have an expiry date. Once it is prepared and submitted it does not gets expired.

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